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Writer’s Book Review: Children of Blood and Bone Review

Children of Blood and Bone is hailed as the new young adult fantasy phenomenon after Harry Potter and Hunger Games. A film adaptation is in the works and many people, including me, are impatiently waiting for the sequel.

The Facts

Word count: 165,920 words

Expected reading time: 11h (at 250 word per minute)

Author: Tomi Adeyemi is a Nigerian-American writer. This book is her debut novel.

Diversity: the story is set in a fictionalized Nigeria so the majority of characters are people of colour

Locations: a fantasy world based on real-life locations in Nigeria


In a nutshell: In Orïsha diviners – people with the potential to use magic – are oppressed after the king led a raid which destroyed all grown-up maji and magic. A new tax which tries to force diviners into indentured servitude brings Zélie to Lagos, which set events into motion that will lead to a long journey and a quest to bring magic back.  The story is told from the three perspectives of the main characters in this story.


Memorable Quote: “I won’t let your ignorance silence my pain”


What you’ll get:

*action-packed fight scenes

*adorable giant lionesses

*badass female characters

*some YA romance

*world building based on Yoruba mythology


Verdict: An action-packed high fantasy novel inspired by Nigeria and Yoruba mythology which will surprise you with trope-defying plot twists.


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Reader’s Perspective: I loved the world building and the setting. Also who wouldn’t want to have a cuddly giant lioness as a pet? Out of three characters I liked Amari best. While I was only a little interested in her story line at first, I enjoyed her progression to where she’s at the end of the book.


Writer’s Perspective: What I enjoyed most about the book whenever there is a plot twist coming up, I was thinking okay here’s this or that trope, but the book would surprise me by going in a completely different direction.


About the reviewer: Julia is a published writer of novels and short stories. Currently she’s on a quest to read more stories with and written by diverse people.

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