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The New Expat Tag by Wine & Rum

We’ve been enjoying watching a lot of people on YouTube answer questions in the Expat Tag. However, since everyone answering the same questions can get a little repetitive, so we decided to create a new Expat Tag. We’ve lived in Dublin, Ireland, now for over a year and a half. These questions are based on interesting experiences and reflections about being expats in Dublin.

Feel free to watch our videos doing the Expat Tag below or answer the questions below yourself.

The New Expat Tag by Wine & Rum

  1. Where do you live now? Which other countries have you lived in?
  2. What was the first week in your new country like?
  3. What surprised you most about your new country?
  4. What do you miss most about previous countries you’ve lived in?
  5. What are the three coolest things about living in your new country?
  6. What is something that annoys you or you struggle with in your new country?
  7. What are cultural differences or habits which you had to get used to?
  8. What is surprisingly similar to countries you’ve lived in before?
  9. What do you do to stay in touch with your home countries?
  10. What are new foods you’ve tried since you arrived in your new country?
  11. What reasons would you give someone to also move to this country and which reasons not to?

Want to do the expat tag yourself? Feel free to skip, change and remix questions or answer the whole Expat Tag yourself in video, blog or any format you like. Make sure to tag us on Instagram/Facebook (@wineandrum) or comment on our YouTube video, so we can learn about your expat experiences as well!

Happy question answering!

Julia & Samora


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