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First Impressions of Barbados: Weather, Food & People

First Impressions of Barbados

When Julia first heard Sam was from Barbados her first thought was, “That’s that expensive place where celebrities go on holiday, with all those photoshopped-looking beaches, right?” But even if you don’t have the bank account of a millionaire, there’s a lot to love about this Caribbean island. So here are the Wine’s first Impressions of Barbados.

As you’ll see in the video, the weather is – what a shock – rather sunny. There’s something a bit different about houses, which you’ll notice driving around the country. If you’re not from a tropical country there’s also plenty of food to be discovered, not to forget the rum. Finally, there’s of course also the people and their language that make Barbados a unique place. Watch the video for a full list and some funny stories about Julia’s first impressions of Barbados.

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