Christmas & New Year’s in Austria

We’re ready for some Advent Feelings and Christmas Spirit. So this year, we’re sharing some our favourite things about Advent, Christmas & New Year’s in Austria.

Pagan Christmas Traditions in Austria

In many countries Christmas comes with a variety of traditions. In Austria some of our traditions go back as far as pagan customs, including Christmas Demons, talking cows and why you should do your laundry before New Year’s Eve.

Austrian Stereotypes #2: Christmas markets – Coming Soon

Idyllic, quaint, vintage – those might be the first thoughts you have about Christmas in Austria and those adjectives can be applied to Christmas Markets. But why are they so popular, causing tourists to come to cities like Vienna just to see them? Here are five reasons why we love Christmas markets.

7 Reasons to Love Christmas in Austria – Coming Soon

Many of my international friends groan when I tell them I love Christmas time. They say it’s too loud, too flashy and too overly stressful. Not in Austria, though. While yes, there’s a commercial aspect of Christmas, the way Christmas is celebrated is still very traditional and some people may even say idyllic.

10 Facts about Austrian New Years’ to Count Down to Midnight

How do Austrians celebrate New Year’s Eve? Why are there pig’s heads, fly agarics and people melting lead? Find out in our countdown about curious New Year’s Traditions in Austria.


If you want more about evil and good Christmas demons, check out Julia’s new short stories, full of magical Austrian Christmas vibes.

Christmas Demons Run

Christmas in Austria is different. Lena discovers the Christmas demons from old pagan myths might just be real in her girlfriend’s village. A wild hunt through a wintry forest and the promising sweet scent of Christmas biscuits.

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To Imperfect Proposals

Jana is planning to propose on New Year’s Eve. But so is her girlfriend. Their friends have eleven days to plan two perfect surprise proposals in secret. What could possibly go wrong? A feel-good rom-com set in picturesque Vienna.

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Last modified: January 1, 2019