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7 Desserts Austrians Eat for Lunch

Yes, you read that right. The range of Austrian desserts is so wide and we love them so dearly, we do eat some of them as a full meal. Most...

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Cramond Island: A Must-See for Adventure-Seekers in Edinburgh, Scotland

Cramond Island is a tidal island with a post-apocalyptic feel, located in a quiet Edinburgh suburb. You may be wondering what on Earth is a...

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Austria, Culture, Language

3 Short Cuts to Understanding Austrian German

Imagine you learn English from a native speaker from New York. You think you’re ready to move to an English speaking country and you...

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Austrian Countryside: Wine Cellars & Book Fridges

As we talked about in one of our past blogs, going for walks is one of many of Austria’s favourite pastimes. On weekends, families or...

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First Impressions of Barbados: Weather, Food & People

When Julia first heard Sam was from Barbados her first thought was, “That’s that expensive place where celebrities go on...

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How much does it cost to move to Dublin, Ireland? With Calculator

When we first moved to Ireland, one of the things we were most nervous about was the question of did we have enough savings to actually do...

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Travel, United Kingdom

Our 3 Favourite Walks in Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh is one of those cities, where we found ourselves just walking around, enjoying the atmosphere and only in the evening did we...

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10 Fun Facts about New Year’s Eve in Austria

In some countries, New Year’s isn’t as big of a deal. For example, on our first New Year in Dublin we turned on the radio to be...

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Pagan Christmas Traditions in Austria

In many countries Christmas comes with a variety of traditions. In Austria some of our traditions go back as far as pagan customs. Some...

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Arts/Literature/Film, Culture, Events & Experiences, Expat Life, Ireland, Traditions/History/People

Culture Night Dublin 2018: Freemasons & Earthquakes in the Library

Culture Night 2018 is part of a free annual event where museums, private collections and other cultural venues open their doors to the...

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