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Pagan Christmas Traditions in Austria

In many countries Christmas comes with a variety of traditions. In Austria some of our traditions go back as far as pagan customs. Some pagan rituals mixed with Christian beliefs, leaving us with fascinating traditions and beliefs, including Christmas Demons, talking cows and why you…
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Culture Night Dublin 2018: Freemasons & Earthquakes in the Library

Culture Night 2018 is part of a free annual event where museums, private collections and other cultural venues open their doors to the public. Free culture events like this tend to bring the Austrians living in Dublin out of the woodwork because, stereotypical as it is,…
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International Charity Bazaar Dublin

Last Sunday we visited the International Charity Bazaar in Dublin. Although much smaller than the international bazaar I know from Vienna, a good number of countries were represented. Mostly there were European and Middle Eastern countries, so unfortunately there were no Caribbean delicacies.