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We're Julia and Samora, a millennial couple, from two different sides of the Atlantic, who fell in love and moved to Dublin, Ireland. Through our adventures and experiences we would like to give you insights into navigating life as young people far away from home.

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Austrian Stereotypes #1: Austrians Love to Hike

Hiking in Austria – is it as popular as stereotypes suggest? Growing up in Austria, especially in the countryside, I always took...

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Writer’s Book Review: Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Americanah Facts Word count: 151,960 words Expected reading time: 10h+ (250 words/minute) Author: Nigerian author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie...

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How to look for Jobs in Dublin

Since the season of graduations is coming up and we’ve been asked several times lately how to look for jobs in Dublin, we decided to...

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Malahide to Portmanock Beach Walk | Day Trips from Dublin

On a summer day – which against popular belief do happen in Ireland – you may feel the urge to go to the beach. A...

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The New Expat Tag by Wine & Rum

We’ve been enjoying watching a lot of people on YouTube answer questions in the Expat Tag. However, since everyone answering the same...

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Why you should go to Dublinia – Museums of Dublin

Dublinia museum was only redeveloped in 2010 and it shows. Rather than listing facts and years in which they happened, the experience is...

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Africa Day 2018 – Phoenix Park, Dublin

As for many years now, Irish Aid held a flagship event for Africa Day 2018. This year was our second time visiting. Africa Day was created...

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Ireland’s Eye – Dublin off the beaten track

Ireland’s Eye is the perfect spot when you feel like a break from Dublin’s overcrowded green spaces on a sunny day. It’s only a few...

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Dublin’s first Afro-Caribbean Brunch

During the long Easter weekend, there was Dublin’s first Afro-Caribbean Brunch – a brunch party, mixing Caribbean food,...

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Events & Experiences, Expat Life, Ireland, Living in Dublin, Traditions/History/People

Winter Wonderland & a community-built igloo in Dublin

The last few days Dublin, and in fact most of Ireland, was on a red alert due to the heavy snow of the Beast from the East as well as Storm...

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