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Foodies on a Budget in Edinburgh

Food can be a door to a different culture but it can also be very expensive. Splurging on it often feels better, when you already know...

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Austria, Travel

Travel Guide for A Chill Day in Vienna

You got all the sights and touristy stuff ticked off your to do list? Then it’s time to spend a chill day in Vienna like a local....

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Travel, United Kingdom

Scott Monument: Adventure in the City Centre of Edinburgh

Scott Monument was one of our biggest adventures on this trip. Located in the very centre of Edinburgh, next to Waverly Train station and...

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Austria, Culture, Food

7 Desserts Austrians Eat for Lunch

Yes, you read that right. The range of Austrian desserts is so wide and we love them so dearly, we do eat some of them as a full meal. Most...

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Arts/Literature/Film, Culture

Writer’s Book Review: Children of Blood and Bone Review

Children of Blood and Bone is hailed as the new young adult fantasy phenomenon after Harry Potter and Hunger Games. A film adaptation is in...

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Expat Life, Living in Dublin, Renting in Ireland

How to move flat in Dublin Part 2: Get to know the market

How we found our Dublin dream flat with only one viewing – a guide based on our experiences. In Part One of this series we talked...

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Travel, United Kingdom

Cramond Island: A Must-See for Adventure-Seekers in Edinburgh, Scotland

Cramond Island is a tidal island with a post-apocalyptic feel, located in a quiet Edinburgh suburb. You may be wondering what on Earth is a...

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Austria, Culture, Language

3 Short Cuts to Understanding Austrian German

Imagine you learn English from a native speaker from New York. You think you’re ready to move to an English speaking country and you...

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Austria, Culture, Traditions/History/People

Austrian Countryside: Wine Cellars & Book Fridges

As we talked about in one of our past blogs, going for walks is one of many of Austria’s favourite pastimes. On weekends, families or...

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Barbados, Culture, Expat Life, Food, Language, Multicultural Couple, Traditions/History/People

First Impressions of Barbados: Weather, Food & People

When Julia first heard Sam was from Barbados her first thought was, “That’s that expensive place where celebrities go on...

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